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Citadale: The Ancestral Strain

Citadale: The Ancestral Strain is an indie retro platformer filled with action and adventure, not a Metroidvania. Stage based action, tough and challenging levels. You can discover hidden exits that lead to alternative stages on every level.


Citadale: The Ancestral Strain

The gravest Citadale adventure yet breaks new ground... and buries you in it!

A century of relative peace (as far as peace goes in medieval times) is about to come to a shocking end. Once again, the screams of the undead are heard in the night as they hail the return of Rhogul, Lord of Darkness and Wearer of Capes. And he has but one goal: Revenge on the Dorleac family. That would be you.

As Arion Dorleac, you will face Rhogul once more - if you can survive the terrifying traps, dastardly demons and malicious monsters he puts in your way that is. Armed with the legendary Shadow Blade, Arion sets forth to end the reign of Rhogul before it really begins.


  • Retro styled action inspired by the greats on the SNES and MSDOS (because 8bit is so 2016)
  • NOT a metroidvania - pure, stage-based action, tough as vampire teeth
  • Long, tough and challenging levels. And I mean LONG! What's it they say, git gud?
  • Hidden exits lead to alternative stages, giving you great replay value
  • Two endings based on what stages you conquer (there's that replay value again)
  • New subweapons and spells to help you
  • Did I already mention that this game is HARD? Do yourself a favor and read the manual!
  • A real save system this time (yeah, I listen)

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  • عنوان: Citadale: The Ancestral Strain

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  • مطور:

    Ezekiel Rage

  • الناشر: Plug In Digital (0)


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الحد الأدنى

  • OS: Windows 7

  • CPU: 1GHz

  • RAM: 512 MB

  • GC:

  • HDD: 250 MB

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