Zula World Cup - Group Stage Chronicle

10/04/2018 - 17:00


Hello everyone:

As you know, on the weekend of April 6th and 7th, the Zula World Cup took place.

In this post we bring you the chronicle of the group stage in which the teams faced to know which would go to the semifinals.

Group A consisted of Black Dragons (Brazil), YouthCREW (Turkey) and Vexed Gaming (Europe). Group B was formed by the three remaining teams. Izako Boars (Europe), WeMakeTheFuture (Turkey) and GPay'ICE (Turkey).

We start with the group A matches. To begin we will talk about the confrontation between Black Dragons and Vexed Gaming. This match was played to the best of 2 maps (2-0 will give 3 points and a 1-1 will give 1 point to each team). In the first map, which was played in the Refugee’s Camp, Black Dragons swept 10 - 0 to Vexed with a stellar performance of BD*Jonziin that got 13 kills, 4 assists and 6 deaths (KDA 2.83). Vexed|efGG gave the best of himself being the best of his team with a lot of difference with 11 kills, 1 assistance and 10 deaths (KDA 1.2). The second match took place in Old Town. In this game Vexed Gaming fought something more in front of the Brazilian team, but it was not enough, ending with a result of 10 - 4 in favor of Black Dragons. In this game, Vexed|noWAY was the one that got more kills (14), getting a KDA of 1.25 due to the great number of times he died (12). On the part of Black Dragons, the best player was BD*Patoxy with 15 kills, 1 Assist and 5 deaths (KDA 3.2).

In one of the other two Group A games, Vexed Gaming faced YouthCrew, with the latter coming up with a crushing victory in the first two maps with very good performances by YC'Just1st and YC'GroweBABA.

The last match of Group A was between YouthCrew and Black Dragons getting a 2-0 result in favor of the Turks. Black Dragons gave the best of themselves but could not do anything against the pressure of the Turkish team.


In Group B there were three other matches: GPay'ICE against WMTF, GPay'ICE against Izako Boars and Izako Boars against WMTF.

In the first match WMTF got a 2-0 victory against GPay'ICE without giving any respite to the latter.

In the second confrontation between GPay'ICE and Izako Boars, the latter won with the victory in the first two maps with results of 10 - 5 in the first, which was played in the Refugee’s Camp, with Incredible as MVP with 21 kills, 2 assists and 8 deaths (KDA 2.87) also doing an ACE in this game, and 10 - 4 in the second, which took place in the Wedding Hall, having a tie between barteklewl and ERMAC with 14 kills, 10 deaths and 4 assists each (KDA 1.8).

The third and last match of Group B took place between WMTF and Izako Boars, with the Turkish team winning the first two maps (Favela and Refugee Camp). In Favela we could enjoy a close match that ended with a result of 10 - 7 in favor of WMTF with stellar performances of RainQueen (KDA 1.57) and swooN# (KDA 1.7) on the part of WMTF and Incredible (KDA 1.4) on the part of Izako Boars. The second match was not so close and ended with a result of 10 - 5 in favor of the Turkish team with magnificent executions of swooN# by WMTF with 18 kills, 2 assists and 10 deaths (KDA 2); and Incredible by Izako Boars with 19 kills, 0 assists and 12 deaths (KDA 1.54).


Video: Zula World Cup - Group Phase

See you in the Battlefield!

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