Zula ESL Major League - Chronicle - Week 2

15/02/2019 - 15:00


The Zula Major League, where the teams that will get the chance to get a spot for the ZWC 2019 qualifier that will give the opportunity to play at the Zula World Cup 2019 in May in Istanbul will be decided reach his second week! The second week matches have been very exciting because the professional players showed a great potential and brought us a really good show.


The first match has been played between SerpenT and inFLAME Esports on China, inFLAME had a very quick start on the attacking side, as a matter of fact they won very quickly 5 rounds in a row. Eyes were focused on the sniper duel held by AladynZ and 4193726, won many times by the polish player. Finally, MattDC managed to stop the winning streak of the enemies winning their first round of the match. But this joy was temporary since the next rounds last less than 1 minute. At the swap of the roles inFLAME Esports was winning 8-1, led by their captain merkan- with an amazing KDA (15/1/1). The match finished 1-10 for Inflame who got their first match.

The second map was Old Town, it was not so different from the previous match, during the opening round UNFAKE from inFLAME Esports managed to get 4 kills and win it. For the following 4 rounds team-fights lead to 2v2 situation always won by inFLAME who planted the bomb forcing the enemies to push in order to kill their opponents and defuse the bomb on time. Only on the last round serpent found the win of it with a clutch of AladynZ killing 4 opponents. InFLAME didn’t lose the focus and won the match 10-1 as the previous one finding their first points in this league.


The second match of the day was played between X6tence and PRIDE, X6tence started with a push to B plant and won the round clearly with 5 players alive. We saw a slow play in the second round from both teams, they were probably waiting for the entry kills from the snipers and X6tence pushed the B plant again with the entry from PezeEEk and won the second round.

Again a slow play from both teams but X6tence try to get A Long control and that was not good as previous rounds and lost the round, but for PRIDE means that round a comeback history with some clutch rounds and they did it!. Both teams played very well at the both sides but PRIDE got the win with the score of 5:10 and the player of the match was luxon1337 with an amazing KDA (18/5/2).

PRIDE showed great team play on the second map as well with their self-reliance from previous map and started with a 4-0 win streak against their opponent. Team X6tence broke them win streak with mind games from player katu but that was not really helped to his team to win the second map. Team PRIDE didn't pushed at the Zula side, just defended and finished the first half with a score of 8-1. Team PRIDE showed their power also in the second half of the match and won the game with score of 3:10. The player of the match was Avvi with 15 kills.


The third match of the day was played between SerpenT and Izako Boars. The first match took place in China. In this confrontation the wild boars snacked on a freshly made snake closing the match with a resounding result of 10 - 0. The player of this match was baddyG with a KDA of 10.50 (20/2/1).

The second map of the match was Wedding Hall, on this map the players of Izako Boars lost two rounds, but managed to close the game on their turn of defense with a result of 10 - 2 and taking the 4th win of the league ( 4 - 0 ). The player of the match was baddyG again with a KDA of 4.50 (15/4/3).



The first match of the day was played in Old Town. It started with a winning streak of four rounds by MyRevenge, but it has been stopped by the new player of Venture SeT`kio and Vn|SulFuRe , who manage to get 2 rounds with amazing kills; Venture was slowly recovering the rounds gap until reaLBERGG from MyRevenge clutched with 4 kills in a round. From the European team carried by this last German player got the following 4 rounds and won the map 10-6.

Second map was Wedding Hall. Despite Venture managed to get the first round Lightus from MyRevenge tied the match with an ACE thanks to his sniper skills and good communication. Then teams won one round per side until the swap of the roles (6-3 for MyRevenge). From there rounds were very fast, EternaLLL’s team manage to get 3 rounds so far (6 in a row) where we could have seen clutches by reaLBERGG and EternaLLL as well. Venture tried to stop the winning streak by unfortunately it was too late and match ended 10-5 for MyRevenge .


Second match of the day was probably the match of the week, where Virtue, like underdogs, managed to take the full win against ForTheWin on both maps.
First map was Wedding Hall, action was mainly focused on snipers players, indeed torriz from Virtue got an ACE just on the third round and p1xa1337 got 4 kills the next one,leading the team to a small advantage of 3 rounds (4-1). But Unbreak unlocked the score and tried to carry his team with his amazing kills. ForTheWin evolved their strategies during during the match reading opponent’s moves and positions and finally manage to tie and even had a 1 round difference (5-6). Virtue wasn’t scared and overcome their enemies round after round until the last one (9-8) won through a perfect push into Site B and an excellent defence. First match finished 10-8 for Virtue.

The second match wasn’t so different by the first one, the score has been really close all over the match, from one side there was Unbreak, who like a tower, didn’t let anyone pass into site A; on the other hand torriz was trying his new role as main sniper ,finishing at the swap of role 10/5 (best KD of both teams). He helped his team to get over on the opponents winning a clutch versus his ex-teammate Bionic and from a losing score of 8-6 they defended the sites with their blood winning 4 rounds in a row and even the second map, ending up again with the score of 10 – 8.


The MVP of the week has been baddyG due to his magnificent plays and contribution to the victory of his team (voted by fans on Twitter):


Below you will find next week schedule:


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