Zula ESL Major League - Chronicle - Week 1 - Day 1

06/02/2019 - 17:00


On this first day of the Zula ESL Major League we have been able to enjoy three Group A matches:

Izako Boars vs x6tence
PRIDE vs SerpenT
Izako Boars vs inFLAME Esports

The first game of the confrontation between Izako Boars and x6tence took place in China. The aliens, with their new roster, made things very difficult for the wild boars. In his attack phase, x6tence managed to reach the swap of roles with a result of 5 - 4 in their favor. Subsequently, the wild boars, in their turn of attack, had no mercy and closed the game with a result of 10 - 8 in their favor. The player with the best KDA of the match was barteklewl who got a score of 2.10 (16/10/5). The second match took us to Old Town. This time the boars showed their supremacy again and, despite the resistance that the x6tence players put up, they managed to win with a result of 10 - 5. In this case the MVP was ERMAC getting a KDA of 2.37 (15/8/4).

The second confrontation of the day faced PRIDE and SerpenT. The first match took place in Refugee’s Camp. SerpenT, recently incorporated into Zula's competitive scene, could not do anything against the Polish eagles who managed to win with a result of 10 - 2. The MVP of this match was mtzN1 with an impressive KDA of 8.5 (13/2/4). In the second game we traveled to Brazil to play in Favela. This match ended with the same result as the first one, 10 - 2 in favor of PRIDE. The MVP of the match was REALIZE with a KDA of 5.25 (15/4/6).

The third match took place between Izako Boars and inFLAME Esports. The first match was played in Old Town. The players of inFLAME carried out a good performance in their turn of attack reaching the swap of roles with a result of 5 - 4 in their favor. However, in their turn of defense, they could not stop the attacks of Izako Boars and ended up losing the game with a result of 10 - 6. The MVP has been Incredible with a KDA of 2.1 (14/10/7). The second game made us travel to Asian lands to play in China. On this map the players of Izako Boars successfully defended 7 of the 9 rounds and managed to close the game on their turn of attack with a result of 10 - 4. The undisputed MVP has been Doxiu with a KDA of 3.5 (20/6/1).

Izako Boars becomes Group A leader with 12 points followed by PRIDE with 6 points. Next you have the classification of Group A:


Statistics of the confrontations:

Izako Boars vs x6tence



PRIDE vs SerpenT



Izako Boars vs inFLAME Esports



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