Zula ESL Major League - Chronicle - Week 1

08/02/2019 - 13:00


The Zula Major League, where the teams that will get the chance to get a spot for the ZWC 2019 qualifier that will give the opportunity to play at the Zula World Cup 2019 in May in Istanbul will be decided, has begun! The first week matches have been very exciting because the professional players showed a great potential and brought us a really good show.


The first match was played between Izako Boars vs x6tence. x6tence started with a 4-0 streak and set the pace at the start of the match against their opponent. Izako Boars stopped their streak and prevented the round difference getting even bigger and the first half of the match ended with a 5 - 4 lead of x6tence.

In the second half, both teams started to be more eager and until the last moment they offered a pleasant match to the viewers by putting on a very close game and score. Izako Boars, who didn’t start off great in the second half, stayed focused for the rest of the match and won with a score of 10 - 8. The player of the match was Doxiu with 19 kills.

Even though Izako Boars started off fast on the second map, x6tence reacted and fought back to win the map point but finally Izako Boars reached the victory with a result of 10 - 5 and the player of the match was again Doxiu with 15 kills.


Similar to the first match of the day, PRIDE started off with a 4-0 win streak. Even though SerpenT tried to fight back, PRIDE showed a better teamwork and finished the first half with a great score difference of 8 - 1. PRIDE, which started the second half with a fast pace, managed to win the first map with a score of 10 - 2 and the player of the match was mtzN1 with 13 kills.

PRIDE showed great teamplay on the second map as well and closed the first half of with 7 - 2. SerpenT couldn’t show any presence in the second half as well and lost against PRIDE with a score of 10 – 2. REALIZE became player of the match with 15 kills.


Being one of the most competitive matches of the day, both teams started the game with rounds in exchange. Izako Boars team, which warmed up on their first match finished the first half with a score of 5 - 4 with barteklewl’s 11 kills. Not letting go of the advantage, Izako Boars won the match with a score of 10 - 6. bartekewl became player of the match with 17 kills.

On the last match of the day, the teams started head to head like the first map but Izako Boars was again the team that put out a better teamplay and finished the first half with a 7 - 2 lead. Izako Boars, which is a team that doesn’t easily let go of the advantage of being in the lead, won with a score of 10 - 4. Doxiu was the player of the match with 20 kills.



On the second day of the week, VirtuE started off with a 4 - 0 win streak. Using this advantage, VirtuE won the first half with a score of 8 - 1. Going into the second half with a great confidence, VirtuE finished off the match with an outstanding score of 10 – 1. torriz became player of the match with 13 kills.

The second match started good for VirtuE again and maybe getting too over confident, ACTINA PACT almost tied up the score but VirtuE got the grip again after the score came to 8 - 7 and managed to close off the map with a score of 10 - 7 and Flashwood became player of the match with 18 kills.


myRevenge e.V. and For The Win Esports made the last matches of the week quite enjoyable to watch. On the first map myRevenge e.V. did not let go off the upper hand they gained after the 4th round and finished the map with a score of 10 – 3. EternaLLL became player of the match with 15 kills.

For The Win Esports swiped off the disappointment of losing the first map very fast and started off the second map with a 5 - 0 win streak. myRevenge e.V. answered back with a 4 round win streak ending the first half in 5 - 4 for For The Win Esports. Even though their opponent fought back, For The Win Esports did not lose the lead and won the map with a score of 10 - 7. bionic became player of the match with 16 kills.


The MVP of the week has been ERMAC due to his magnificent plays and contribution to the victory of his team (voted by fans on Twitter):


Below you will find next week schedule:


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