Zula ESL Major League

24/01/2019 - 16:00


Hello Esports fans:

Zula is arriving to the top tier competions in ESL and all Zula fans will enjoy the wonderful show that professional players will give us in each game.

In the Major League will participate the 6 best teams of the Go4s carried out in December and January and 4 teams invited by IDC/Games based on sports criteria.

The first part of the league will be a group phase. The teams will be divided into two groups as follows:



Once the group phase is over, we move on to the Playoffs, which will be divided in two parts: Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket.

This way, even if a team loses its first game, it will still have the option of reaching a high position in the tournament through the Losers Bracket.



The Prize Pool will consist of a total of 2,500 € that will be distributed as follows:

- 1st place: 1500 €
- 2nd place: 750 €
- 3rd place: 250 €

Apart from the cash rewards, the following in-game content will be delivered based on the position reached in the league:


- More than 5,000,000 Zula Gold
- More than 500 decks of players' choice

- 1st place: 500,000 units of Zula Gold per player + 50 decks at the player's choice
- 2nd place: 250,000 units of Zula Gold per player + 25 decks at the player's choice
- 3rd place: 150,000 units of Zula Gold per player + 15 decks at the player's choice
- 4th classified: 75,000 units of Zula Gold per player + 5 decks at the player's choice

We will also give a special reward to the MVP of the league based on the KDA:

- Any weapon upgraded to the maximum level and equipped with the Complete Series chosen by the player.

IMPORTANT: the two first classified of this league will obtain a place to participate in the Zula World Cup 2019 Qualifier. The teams already classified through the Zula Europe Pro League will not be taken into account. If this case were given, the place would go to the next team in the ranking.

All matches will be streamed live in our YouTube and Twitch channels.

See you on the battlefield!

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