V 1.26 Patchnotes

22/10/2019 - 15:05


Hello everybody,

Halloween is near and we bring you new scary content to celebrate it!

- Full Moon skins. Available for the next weapons: AK-47, AUG A3, AWP, BORA12, Cheytac M200, Colt 1911, Desert Eagle, Spiked Bat, DSR-1, Fateh, FN FAL, G36, Glock 18, HK417 Europe, Kar98, Kriss Vector, L115A3, M3, M468, M4A1, M6 LWRC, M93R, MAC 10, Magnum 357, MPT-76, MPT-76S, MPX, P90, UMP45, UTS-15 and X-CRL.

They will be obtainable via the Full Moon Skin Guaranteed Deck.


- Halloween masks

All characters will be wearing Halloween makeup to scare you!


- Fixes and improvements:

1. Claim Improvement
With this improvement, cards will appear in the users’ bags without logging off from the game.

2. Gift Improvement
Now the users can be given the option to gift any version of an item in the shop. (For example: Gifting AWP - 7 days)

3. Environmental Sound Effects becoming a part of Main Audio
Environmental Sounds are now part of Main Audio and the menu does not include a separate option for Environment Effects.

4. Decreased Attachment Sound
Attachment sounds in Heroic Cards are decreased 40%.

5. FPS View in Customization Screen
Weapon customizations can now be seen in FPS mode in the customization screen.

6. New Font in Lobby
Zula Pass screens now have a more dynamic font.

7. 1.45 Sabotage Matches
Sabotage match time can now be set for 1.45.

8. Bomb Planting and Walking Sound Changes
C4 planting and walking sounds can be heard from 36 meters now instead of 72.

9. Warning Message for the Users in Chat Screen
“Game staffs never ask your username or password.” warning is shown in chat.

10. MPT-76 Buff
The weapon MPT-76 now has less recoil and inflicts more damage.

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