The update to V 1.16 is here!

31/10/2017 - 11:52


Hello everyone!

The V 1.16 lands on Zula Europe! Listed below you have all the novelties added to the game!

- NEW Map: Nemrut


Designed for snipers. Only available in Team Deathmatch.

NEW Game Mode: Elimination Mode

Round based TDM mode. The team that eliminates all enemy players wins the round. The team with more rounds win the match.
No role changes and single respawn in a round (like Sabotage).

NEW Deck: Mecha Guaranteed Deck

Mecha%20Deck%20Small.png Gives 1 card from Mecha series and 4 random cards with Golden deck rates.

NEW Deck: Royal Guaranteed Deck

Royal%20Deck%20Small.png Gives 1 card from Royal series and 4 random cards with Golden deck rates.

NEW Deck: Halloween Deck

Halloween%20Deck%20Small.png Gives Halloween skins for AWP, M468, Glock 18 and Grenade MX1.

- NEW Sniper Rifle: Kar98

kar.png Fast as AWP, strong as Cheytac M200 and available for upgrade

- NEW Melee Weapon: Razor

razor.png Highest mobility item in the game. Run faster and attack faster! Available for upgrade.

NEW Case: Mega ZP Case

Mega%20ZP%20Case%20Small.png Chance to win 10 Million and 1 Million Zula Points!

- NEW Upgrade options for these weapons: Cheytac M200, SCAR SSR, Luger P08, MPT-76S, UMP45, PP-2000, MP7, MP5, PP-Bizon, HK417 Europe and Dragunov.

NEW Clan levels: increased from 30 to 50

- If most of players are ready in the room, it is not necessary that the room master press start to start the match.

- Servers are now visible based on user rank. (User will not see a server if his level is not enough or too high)

- The Arena will be removed permanently.

We hope you to enjoy this great update!

See you on the battlefield!

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