PRIDE vs VirtuE match chronicle

19/12/2018 - 17:00


The second match of week 4 took place between PRIDE and VirtuE, another Polish derby.

The games were played in Old Town and China.

In Old Town the match had a quite calm development. In his turn of attack, VirtuE, managed to win 5 of the 9 rounds taking the initiative before the swap of roles. On the other hand, PRIDE could not break VirtuE's defense and they could not avoid the defeat. The final result was 10 - 7 in favor of VirtuE. The player who stood out the most in the match was merkan- getting a KDA of 1.61 (19/13/2).

In China, luxon1337 carried out a magnificent and robot-like performance. In their turn of attack the PRIDE players got a magnificent result of 7 - 2 in their favor, which left the VirtuE players in a very bad situation for their subsequent attack turn in which they could only score one point before PRIDE closed the match with a result of 10 - 3. The MVP of this match was luxon1337, without any discussion, with a KDA of 5.40 (26/5/1).

A point for each team that does not serve much to get out of the bottom part of the raking.


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