PENTA Sports vs VirtuE match chronicle

13/12/2018 - 16:00


The last match of the week 3 of the Zula Europe Pro League was between PENTA Sports and VirtuE. PENTA Sports struggled to maintain the leadership in the league together with Izako Boars and VirtuE sought to surprise by getting at least a draw.

The games were played in the Wedding Hall and Old Town.

In Wedding Hall the PENTA Sports players showed their mastery on this map. They managed to win 6 rounds of the 9 of its attack phase getting a very favorable result to defend in the attack rounds of VirtuE. During their attack phase, VirtuE turned on the engines to get a score of 8 to 7 against, but it was not enough for the PENTA Sports team to close the game with a final score of 10 - 7. In the final statistics we could see that the players of PENTA Sports contribute in a very balanced way since they all achieved murders between 15 and 10, but in the case of VirtuE the contribution is much less balanced. The player with the best KDA was unbre who got 1.54 (15/11/2).

In Old Town, VirtuE got the surprise by obtaining a victory that did a lot of damage to PENTA Sports in terms of their position in the overall league standings. Even though PENTA Sports managed to win 6 of the 9 rounds of their defense phase, they could not take advantage of their attack phase and they let the victory slip in this match with a result of 10 - 7 against. The key player in this match was b07a getting a KDA of 2.15 (21/13/7).

VirtuE has obtained a very valuable point in this confrontation with the top 2 of the league, which has done a lot of damage to PENTA Sports that let out 3 key points to keep fighting for the leadership.


PENTA Sports vs VirtuE - Recap
PENTA Sports vs VirtuE - Map 1
PENTA Sports vs VirtuE - Map 2

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