Izako Boars vs Pompa Team match chronicle

20/12/2018 - 17:00


The fourth game of week 4 of the Zula Europe Pro League took place between Izako Boars and Pompa Team. The wild boars continue to demonstrate their supremacy by achieving a new victory and remaining leaders in the Zula Europe Pro League.

The games were played in China and Wedding Hall.

In China, the players of Izako Boars managed to score 7 points in their attack phase putting themselves ahead in the match with a result of 7 - 2 before the swap of roles. In their turn of attack, the players of Pompa Team could not win any round so the match ended with a result of 10 - 2 in favor of Izako Boars. The player with the most kills in this match was Doxiu (14/9/3), who carried out a spectacular performance, but ERMAC was the player with the best KDA, 2.5 (11/6/4).

In Wedding Hall, the final result was 10 to 4 in favor of Izako Boars being Incredible the player with more kills (14/5/1) that obtained a KDA of 3.

Izako Boars is still the opponent to beat in the Zula Europe Pro League. For the moment they have not lost any game of all those who have played in the league, so they remain undefeated.

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