IDC/Games Zula Tournament #2 - Chronicle

19/04/2018 - 13:00


Hello everyone:

In this post you can enjoy the Chronicle of the IDC/Games Zula Tournament # 2. The second edition has returned to have a great success since we have increased the number of teams to 64 and all the places have been occupied.
In the first round of the tournament most of the matches were held, but as in all occasions there have been some teams that have not come to play as Hayırlı İşler, CrabPeople, Beatboxers, Rev esports, Arcane-eSports, Friendly Fire.
In the round of 32 all the victories were overwhelming except those of GoodFellas against MiSTaKeZ (10 - 7), R Team! against SpaceCats`eSports (10 - 8) or Synergy so bad against inFLAME eSports (10 - 6).
The round of 16 was somewhat closer, with the most intense matches being the ones of INSTINCT against R Team! (10 - 7) and RedBullZ against EXTREME (10 - 6).
Having reached the quarter-finals, it can be said that the teams qualified for the semifinals had almost unopposed victories by their rivals. The classified teams were Izako Boars, INSTINCT, Synergy so bad and RedBullZ.
In the first semifinal between Izako Boars and INSTINCT, the world champions crushed the Turkish team in the first two maps (North Iraq and Refugee’s Camp), despite the absence of Doxiu. Only with 4 players they reached the victory.
In the other semifinal, Synergy so bad managed to defeat RedBullZ in the first two maps (Lake and Wedding Hall) with strong resistance from the red bulls despite having only 4 players due to the absence of MAZADOX.
The final was held between Izako Boars and Synergy so bad. The boars reached the with victory in the first two maps (China and Lake). Synergy so bad fought hard with the Polish team, in part, thanks to its new incorporation, the Neapolitan player, SYZER.
See you on the battlefield!

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