IDC/Games Zula Tournament #10 - Chronicle

12/07/2018 - 17:00


Hello everyone:

In this post we leave you the chronicle of the IDC/Games Zula Tournament Edition 10.

In the first round many matches took place, but several were not carried out because the teams did not show up. In general, all the matches had a clear winner and there were not many surprises. The only games that stand out in this first round are that of Śrubokręty against Darwin Theory (13 - 10) and that of SpaceCats`e-Sports against SchreieN`ESC (13 - 11).

In the round of 32 all matches have been played, except a couple of matches that due to the teams that did not show up in the previous round flowed into the classification to the next round automatically, in this case [Point_Team] and NightHunters. Noteworthy is the match between AG TEAM and MagicWeapons (11 - 8). The rest of the matches had a clear winner.

In the round of 16 we were able to enjoy very interesting and even matches like AG TEAM against Śrubokręty (10 - 8).

In the quarterfinals we saw 2 crushing victories by Izako Boars and AG TEAM and 2 more even matches between Ad Astra and #BLoW#TwO (10 - 7) and Skaikru and #BLoW (10 - 6). In the end both #BLoW teams were eliminated, but they proved that they can be a threat to any team in front of them.

In the first semifinal Izako Boars faced Ad Astra. The selected maps were Favela, China and Refugee’s Camp. Izako Boars only needed 2 matches to win Ad Astra. The results were (10 - 2) and (10 - 1). Mention should be made of the spectacular performance of Incredible that carried out a full-blown ACE undermining the morale of its rivals.

In the other semifinal Skaikru faced AG TEAM. The selected maps were Wedding Hall, China and Refugee Camp. Skaikru only needed the first two games to get the pass to the final. The results were (10 - 8) and (10 - 8). It must be said that AG TEAM was on the verge of winning the two games and that Synergy was not present in Skaikru, which was noticed due to the sniper skills he has and that were not seen yesterday. Also noteworthy is the performance of Unbreakablee who proved to be one of the best snipers in the game.

In the final Izako Boars faced Skaikru. The selected maps were Old Town, China and Wedding Hall. The polish only needed two games to become champions of the IDC/Games tournament again. The results were (10 - 3) and (10 - 4).

Izako Boars is still the team to beat, but every time we can see more teams that can face them and end up taking the victory against them.

Full videos:

Zula Europe IDC / GAMES Tournament Edition 10 - DAY 1
Zula Europe IDC / GAMES Tournament Edition 10 - DAY 2

See you on the battlefield!

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