IDC/Games Zula Tournament #1 - Chronicle

23/03/2018 - 12:00


Hello everyone,

In this post you can enjoy the Chronicle of the IDC/Games Zula Tournament # 1. This first edition of the IDC/Games Zula Tournaments has been a resounding success completing the sign up during the first two days.

32 teams have come together to compete for the 100,000 Zula Gold grand prize and the epic eSports skins.

In the round of 32 there were several very close matches like those of PGS against CTRL-TEAM* (10-7) or PANTERI #2 against Kamenolom (10-7); and others in which one of the teams swept the other as KLYV against Bandits (10-1) or Easy against RedBullz (0-10).

In the round of 16 there were only two games that could be considered close: RedBullz against Utopia Iceberg (5-10) and PGS against PANTERI #2 (10-4). The rest of the games had overwhelming results in favor of one of the two teams that met on the battlefield.

We reached the quarterfinals in which we enjoyed a close game at the beginning, but that ended up choosing one of the teams: Utopia Iceberg against PGS (10-5). In the rest of the games KLYV swept TurkPlayerESC (10-2), RainbowMight beat Thedarkwin (10-3) and NETopery ended the reborn players of teamreborn (10-1).

In the semifinals the games went to the best of three (Bo3).

In the semifinal that faced KLYV against Utopia Iceberg, the first ones won in the first two maps even though they only played with 4 players since noW4Y was not available. The games were played in Northern Iraq and in Wedding Hall ending with scores of 10-6 and 10-4 respectively. torriz played as the KLYV sniper due to the absence of noW4Y performing a magnificent performance.


In the other semifinal, NETopery against RainbowMight, the first managed to win in the first two maps, Refugee’s Camp and Favela, with scores of 10-4 and 10-3 respectively. In the first game, RainbowMight, with a stellar performance of -snio that got 17 kills, made it difficult for NETopery in the first rounds, but finally ended up yielding to the pressure and the great performance of ERMAC and Incredibleee. In Favela, there was a bit of equality at first, but ERMAC along with barteklewl razed RainbowMight with 19 and 15 murders respectively.


In the final the two representatives of Europe in the Zula World Cup faced each other, NETopery and KLYV. The maps chosen were Northern Iraq, China and Old Town. Finally, it was not necessary to travel to the last destination as NETopery won in the first two maps with scores of 10-4 and 10-3 respectively. In Northern Iraq we had a magnificent duel between the two best snipers in the game, Doxiu got 16 kills, 3 assists and 7 deaths (KDA: 2.71) and noW4Y 17 kills, 1 assist and 12 deaths (KDA: 1.5), which leans the balance in favor of Doxiu. In China the players of NETopery had the control being 3 of them those who obtained better statistics: barteklewl 14 kills, Doxiu 14 kills and ERMAC 12 kills; being brshn and noW4Y the two best of KLYV with 9 kills each one.


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