Fenix Community vs PENTA Sports match chronicle

19/12/2018 - 16:00


The first game of week 4 of the Zula Europe Pro League took place between Fenix Community and PENTA Sports. We must make special mention about the magnificent performance of the Fenix Community players who managed to beat the dreaded PENTA Sports team with a result of 2 - 0.

The games were played in the Wedding Hall and in Old Town.

In the Wedding Hall, PENTA Sports managed to defend successfully 5 rounds in his turn of defense putting themselves ahead in the confrontation with a result of 5 - 4. But in the turn of defense of Fenix, the players of PENTA were not able to close the match due to the great defense carried out by the players of the Spanish organization who managed to close the match in their favor with a result of 10 - 8. The players with more kills in this match were Lightus on the part of Fenix Community and Sens on the part of PENTA Sports getting KDAs of 1.75 (20/12/1) and 2.18 (20/11/4) respectively. Sens carried out a great performance being the MVP of the match, but it was not enough to avoid the defeat of his team.

In Old Town the players of Fenix Community made clear that they have a lot of ambition and that they want to fight for a good position in the Zula Europe Pro League ranking. In their rounds of attack, they achieved a magnificent result of 7 - 2 in their favor, which left the players of PENTA Sports in a very bad situation. They could not do anything in their attack phase and lost the match with a result of 10 - 5. The MVP of this match was Eternal, who got an ACE, with a KDA of 2.22 (16/9/4).

Fenix Community has achieved its first 3 points in the Zula Europe Pro League, which positions them in the middle of the table.


Fenix ​​Community vs PENTA Sports - Recap
Fenix ​​Community vs PENTA Sports - Map 1
Fenix ​​Community vs PENTA Sports - Map 2

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