What is WoM about?

04/10/2019 - 10:10


Do you want to know about the game?

Please find bellow some Q&A that may help you to understand the game:

- What kind of game is this one?
WoM is a MMORPG. But unlinke others, WoM will not be the classical grind fest + gearing fest.
WoM is about bringing back the old times fun from socialising in MMORPGs + having the PvP blast of the MOBAs - DOTAs styles game in highe end, with an innonavative combat system: the relic system. Level up quick in PvE and then head to PvP in DOTA like maps to alternate PvP and PvE. Once at max level, do the epic quest in the dungeons or enter in the ranked system in the PvP.

- What is the relic system?
Relics are items that are allocated in a special slot. They provide special skills regardless of the class. And they can be swapped and changed contantly during the game, with hundreds of then available to suit your game style. And yes they can be used in PvP and PvE.

- What kind of PvE content will there be in the game?
Classical PvE content: quest, exploring, gathering and of course, dungeons. Leveling up will be faster than normal as we want you to have all the fun playing the battlegrounds.
But remember: max level dungeons will be there also waiting for you, so if you are PvE player, you will also have all the fun.

- How hard is the grind and leveling?
It is really fast. Reaching level 30 happens in less than 2 or 3 days while reaching max level at start will not take longer than 3 weeks.

- How do I gear up?
By doing PvE dungeons or PvP BGs.

- Are there guilds?
Yes, go social!

- Is there open world PvP?
Not at launch, but there may be after first expansion.

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