Guides: Enhancement system - Part 2

25/10/2019 - 09:00


You can also use a Lucky Charm to increase the probability of the successful enhancement. You can buy them in the Mall or obtain them participating on the differents events that will have place in our server:



Here you can see the full process to improve an item:

  • You have to select the item you want to improve by clicking on the empty square you can see under the sentence “Insert the Equipment you want to upgrade”:


  • As you can see on the previous image, if you have an Enhancement Ore on your bag it will be established automatically:


  • Now, if you have Lucky Charms, you can use them to increase the probability of the successful enhancement by clicking in the arrow pointed in this image (As you can see, in this image the success rate is 1%, on the previous one was 0%):


  • Once you have done the previous steps, you can take a look to the improvements in the different stats of the item and you can press the Enhance button:


  • In the next image you can see an successful enhance, but you have to know that the enhancement attempts can fail:


We hope you find this information useful to enjoy this magnificient game!

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