14/10/2016 - 15:37

Hi everyone!

How can I play this beta?

You can play in this beta if you have a beta key given away by our gaming portals partners, if you purchased any of the pre-orders, if you bought the Steam Early Access or if you used a CBT1 code during the CBT1 period.

Where can I get the keys for CBT2?

Just check the forum for a thread listing partner websites

How can I buy the pre-order?

Just go here https://en.idcgames....-mythology/shop

Are CBT1 keys valid?

CBT1 keys are only valid if they were redeemed during the CBT1 period. Using them now will not work.

How long will CBT2 last?

CBT2 will last from October the 12th until October the 20th. But it won’t finish there. We will do 24 hours maintenances and bring back the game with CBT2.1, 2.2 untill CBT2.x with new content until the OBT in late November.

Will there be a data wipe?

There will be a data wipe only after the last CBT2.x and the OBT.

Did you say Steam?

Yes, game will be available as Early Access in Steam the week starting the 16th.

What new content is available in this beta?

• Level cap increased to 40
• New PVP event: Lv.35 Forbidden Plain (MOBA style)
• Enable new PVE dungeon: Lv 40 Serpent Grotto
• Enable new PVE dungeon: Lv 40 Skies of Yinli
• Enable Lv 40 Mode for PVE event: Dragon Coliseum
• Enable Lv 40 Mode for PVE event: Rabbit Ville Raid
• Enable Lv 40 Mode for PVE event: Hades Tower
• Added guild features
• Added daily activity system
• Added group finder system
• Added German language support
• Added French language support
• Added Spanish language support

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