Arctic and Rocky Canyon | New Locations

21/10/2022 - 12:00

The Major Update "Fire and Ice" brings with it two new locations to enjoy in the game. Meet the Rocky Canyon, designed for dogfights, and the massive location, Arctic, with two combat zones for mixed battles!

The Rocky Canyon is inspired by the famous American Grand Canyon and the Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan. Both are amazing natural monuments with extensive altitudinal zoning. The river in the center of the map is at the bottom of the canyon and is surrounded by sandstone cliffs that rise several levels and become a wide plateau.

By creating Arctic, an attempt was made to embody a collective image of the inhabited part of the Arctic (forgive the redundancy). Gloomy rocky islands covered in glaciers, abandoned fishing villages where lone fishermen still live, majestic icebreakers breaking through the ice and, of course, myths and legends about secret military bases hidden in the endless frozen wastelands.

If you want to discover more details about these two new locations and see some images to anticipate what you can experience, take a look here.

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