Sometimes the only way to get justice is through a bullet

21/02/2023 - 11:49

In Operation Commanding Force, tough decisions await, and there's no one better to handle the situation than the latest attacker: Brava. She joins the Viperstrike squad, knowing that the weight of her decisions can mean the difference between success and failure on the battlefield.

With the Kludge Drone in her arsenal, capable of sabotaging the enemy's tools, and using it to her own advantage, Brava brings a powerful observation tool to the team. With 1 health and 3 speed, along with the Para-308 and Camrs as primary weapons, Brava can wrest victory from the jaws of defeat, especially with her Smoke Grenade and Claymore as gadget options.

Discover all the information about Brava by entering here.

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