Kimberly and Juri, the New SF6 Fighters

18/08/2022 - 10:25

Capcom showed us Kimberly, one of the fighters that debuted in SF6, and how she fights in the Street Fighter 6 trailer revealed at the end of the SF5 tournament in EVO 2022.

From the little shown in Kimberly’s reveal trailer, it’s safe to say she fights in a similar way to Guy. She even shares some moves with Guy, like the mid-air grab called Bushinryu.

As for Juri, a fighter that debuted in Super Street Fighter 4, she was also featured in the EVO 2022 SF6 trailer. This time, not only does she have a new design, but Juri has also received updates to her tools and fight moves.

Find out all the characteristics of each fighter on the SF6 characters page. And don’t miss the video below!

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