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Project Xandata

Project Xandata is an online competitive first person shooter where you play to win. Customize your Xandat based on your playstyle as you fight each other in teams of 3 in this free-to-play arena shooter.


Project Xandata

Project Xandata is a free to play online competitive first person shooter (FPS) where you and two other friends battle it out in this PvP arena shooter. You are a Xandat, one of the best soldiers Xandaigdig has to offer. From the combined strength, technology, and weaponry of the Seven Great Nations come a new breed of warriors that fought against other-worldly enemies to bring the world back from the brink of extinction. Gear up and customize your armor to your personal playstyle as you fight to prove yourself against other Xandats.

Game Features

- 3 distinct Classes to choose from that all vary in playstyle and gameplay.
- 3 different elements to choose from (1 per class) that changes how you fight, play, and win.
- 8 different weapons to choose from, that allows you to engage from almost every distance.
- 3 starter maps in full 3D that serve as the battleground for combat.

Know your Classes

Gear up your Xandat and select one of three different classes:

Marksman - Masters of Ranged Weaponry

Specializing in weaponry, their Xandat armors are augmented specifically with tools that support long-range combat and improved handling. Marksman Xandat armors contain hard-light pistols in each arm that can materialize when needed.

Agent - Peerless in Stealth and Deceit

Preferring to strike from the shadows with stealth and misdirection, the Agent's Xandat armors harbor advanced technologies that allow them to create illusions that confuse their opponents. Agent Xandat armors are equipped with advanced cloaking technology that allow them to slip behind enemy defenses undetected.

Juggernaut - Superior Technology, Superior Firepower

Favouring explosions over precision, Juggernaut-class Xandat armors are decked out with explosive elemental firepower and increased toughness. Juggernaut Xandat armors are configured with twin shoulder-mounted rocket launchers equipped with multiple missiles providing a short salvo of ordnance.


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  • عنوان: Project Xandata

  • التصنيفات:

  • العلامات:

  • مطور: The Studio of Secret6 Inc

  • الناشر: IDC Games (0)


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متطلبات النظام

الحد الأدنى

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom™ II X3 or better

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • GC: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7950

  • HDD:

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