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PC Fútbol Manager

PC Fútbol Manager is an old-school management football game. Become the manager, coach or director, and take the best decisions for your team. PC Fútbol Manager is the spiritual successor of the legendary game PC Football from the 90s!


PC Fútbol Manager

PC Fútbol Manager is an old-school management football game, the spiritual successor of the legendary game PC Fútbol from the 90s, completely updated to 2020 and adapted for mobile platforms.

Have complete control over every facet of the sport management in a football club: transfer market, scout, team, lineup, tactics, formation, administration, employees, stadium, sponsors and club finances.


  • Manager Mode, where you’ll get to choose your team and max it out according to its profile and chances.
  • PROMANAGER Mode, where you’ll make progress as manager, proving your skills as you accomplish your objectives, and getting offers from other clubs in the process. 


  • Over 350 teams from 9 countries to choose: Spain, England, France, Italy, Germany, México, Argentina, Brazil and the United States.
  • 9 leagues from the first and second division, national cup and European cup winners.
  • Up to 8 concurrent matches with different objectives, so you get to explore everything the game has to offer.
  • 3 databases of teams, players and leagues: fixed, random and external.
  • Detailed management of the players: position on the field, skills, techniques, age, health and career evolution.
  • Complete management of the team — choose the lineup, formation and tactics before every match and after the first half, and adjust according to your opponent. Use the scout to create a portfolio of your dream players. Send contract offers, renovate, transfer or dismiss your players to improve your squad. 2 transfer windows: preseason and winter.
  • Complete management of the club — hire employees, sign sponsorship and broadcasting contracts, improve the stadium capacity, its stores and parking, and manage expenses, income and the club ledger.

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