Water Seven | New Trailer

08/11/2022 - 14:20

The Straw Hat Pirates continue their adventures with the addition of Nico Robin to their crew.

The crew knows they need a shipwright to repair the Going Merry, which has been badly damaged after so many voyages. On their way to the next island, the crew comes across the sea train, Puffing Tom, as it crosses the ocean. Kokoro, the stationmaster, tells them about Water Seven, a water town famous for its shipwrights.

So, they decide to go there to fix the Going Merry and add a shipwright to their crew. The pirates land on Water Seven and set off to explore the city separately.

In doing so, the Franky family steals some of their treasure and Robin goes into hiding after coming into contact with a mysterious group known as CP9. Elsewhere, Luffy finds the Galley-La Company, a group of skilled carpenters, and asks their leader, Iceberg, to repair the Merry.

If you want to know more details about the story, take a look here, but in the meantime, we leave you with the introduction trailer for Water Seven:

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