More news about ONE PIECE ODYSSEY

22/11/2022 - 12:20

In ONE PIECE ODYSSEY, players will adventure in Memoria, the world of memories of the Straw Hat Crew, some of which happening in Water Seven, in which they will have to explore the city as well as the famous Gallery-La Company.

They will also face well known foes such as CP9’s Lucci and Kaku, but what awaits the player is a new drama experience unique to ONE PIECE ODYSSEY.

This new video also showcases Bond Arts, powerful special attacks made by three characters that have to be unlocked by completing the Memory Link Quest, which allows players to resolve frayed memories in the world of memories called Memoria and experience the bond between the Straw Hat Crew members.

The trailer also explains part of the training system that will allow players to collect cubes in various locations and use their power to enhance your favorite skills and gain the upper hand in battle.

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