Heading to Alabasta!

07/10/2022 - 12:25

Stranded on the mysterious island of Waford, the Straw Hat Pirates must go through their own memories to regain their abilities with the help of Lim's strange powers.

The adventures of our famous pirates will take them through a world created from their memories in the Kingdom of Alabasta. In this adventure, the dangers that lurk in the sandy dunes of the desert will lead them to remember their exploits on the Going Merry, their first ship.

The crew has grown and everyone has changed after two years of adventures since those times, and although the world created from their memories seems the same, the events that take place in it are a new and different story, it will be full of nostalgia, but will also thrill players with a new original story! Find out more information here, but first, let’s enjoy the trailer:

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