Return to Aeternum

26/10/2022 - 11:45

Watch as your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy in their own worlds from the ground up in Return to Aeternum.

Four teams will compete to complete server objectives in all aspects of the game. From November 2nd to November 18th, you can follow thrilling adventures, earn Twitch Drops, and see which world levels up the fastest.

Return to Aeternum is much more than just a race. Each team will receive the same 8 challenges and will have to complete 4 to level up. This friendly competition will continue until all teams reach level 5 or until time runs out.

In addition, the four worlds will be opened to the entire community after the end of the event. Travel to the world of your favorite streamer, visit the locations of key moments in the event and even be part of the story. More information here.

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