The new DLC “Cold Blooded” is available now

27/10/2021 - 17:10


Hunt: Showdown's new DLC, “Cold Blooded” is now available to purchase and incorporate into the game.

With it comes the legendary hunter "The Reptilian" along with his deadly favorite weapons: Avarice and Tooth to Tail.

A bit of context on the new hunter:

Once upon a time the Bayou was teeming with alligators and their skins were plentiful for hunters like Keith Cowen. As an apprentice to the cruel and ambitious alligator hunter Frank Gravel, Cowen earned his livelihood from the flesh and skin of that primeval prey. Together, the two enjoyed their prosperity, leaving mountains of scales and bones in their wake. But all of that was before the corruption, before something much more threatening and much more primitive drove most alligators away from the swamps.

When the alligators began to disappear, despair seized them. Broken and without prospects, they finally located an alligator, one of the few that dared to stay. As Gravel slammed Tooth to Tail through scales, fat, and flesh, a haze of greed took Cowen's mind, causing him to plunge Avarice into Gravel's throat. As his blood mingled with the mud, Cowen donned the skin of the beast: a cloak of victory and betrayal.

If you want to purchase the DLC, click here.

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