Dead by Daylight x Hooked on You

14/09/2022 - 12:15

There is trouble in paradise...

Venture into Murderer's Island with the Hooked on You Collection, featuring new outfits for The Trickster, Claudette Morel, and Dwight Fairfield. Drawn from the steamy tropical world of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim™, this collection is perfect for hopeless romantics and heartthrobs alike.

On the killer side, this collection gives us the new Paradise Beatdown skin for The Trickster. Few skins can be so dreamlike and so nightmarish at the same time. On the survivor side, Claudette Morel and Dwight Fairfield are depicted in very appropriate and comfortable island attire.

Find out more about the outfits in the Hooked on You collection by clicking here.

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