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The first thing to do in CityBattle | Virtual Earth is joining the Republic you want to represent.

- What do the Republics are?

This is a game fraction based on famous cities, countries or areas. The republic has a government of players and in the future, there will also be a capital through which you can walk. Soon, the players “living” in the republic will fill its budget and receive bonuses in return.

- Why is my city not listed?

To become a virtual republic, a city, district, region or country must have an effective population of about 5 million people. It takes into account not so much the number of people as the penetration of the Internet. Of course, this means that not all settlements will be able to get a separate republic, but everyone will be able to find a republic into which their settlement is included.

To join a Republic, you must follow the following steps:

1. On the main screen of the game you must click on the "Choose Republic" button:


2. On the world map you will have to select the Republic you are going to join. You have the whole world to choose from.


3. Once you have found the desired Zone, you must click on it to see the different Republics that are grouped within that zone:


4. When you select the Republic you want to join you will receive a confirmation message.


5. Ready! If you have confirmed that you wanted to join the Republic, you will become part of its organization.


Once you have joined your Republic, in the main menu, you can click on "View Republic" to enter the screen where all the information is displayed.



As shown in the previous image, you will be able to see the next information:

- General information -> Republic rating, total fights, total wins, budget and population.
- Announcement -> the President may modify it to give information to all the members.
- Players -> members of the Republic.
- Government -> they are the high command of the Republic: President, Defense Minister and Community Minister.
- Videos -> If the Republic has its own YouTube channel, the url of the video shown can be modified.

Next, we will talk about the chain of command of the Republics. As you will see below, the 3 main positions have already been appointed -> President, Defense Minister and Community Minister.


How do appointments work?

The main position is the President. In order to get that position, the administrators of the game must give you the approval and appoint you as President of the Republic. When you occupy this position, you can manage the rest of positions and name the players you think deserve it.

To apply for the position of President click here and check the conditions. It may be your moment!

Functions of High Positions:

- The President can always interfere in the decisions of the Community Minister and the Defense Minister, so he can edit the announcement of the Republic, change the URL of the video and manage the army. The advantage that only the President has is the appointment of players in any of the existing positions.

Since, as mentioned above, the President can do anything, we will explain the functions of the two ministers.

- Community Minister

1. Edition of the announcement to keep the members of the Republic informed:



2. Edit the video URL to promote your Republic showing the best Gameplays to attract more members:



- Defense Minister

The fighters of the Republic are organized in the army under the leadership of the Defense Minister. The army is divided into companies, which will have a Commander and a Deputy Commander, and each company is made up of 6-player platoons that will have a preset leader. The main objective of the armies is to fight in the championships for the benefit of their Republic. In the future, armies will receive enhanced functionality and responsibilities. The army has a marked chain of command whose head will always be the Defense Minister, followed by the Deputy Minister and then by the Company Commanders.



This is all you have to know about the Republics. Now you just have to fight for yours and conquer the world.

See you on the battlefield!

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