Ragnarok Online إنها MMORPG مجانية التي تجمع بين الميثولوجيا النرويجية وجماليات الرسوم المتحركة اليابانية. ستجد فيها العديد من المهمات الصعبة والممتعة.

Ragnarök Online


  • RAGNARÖK ONLINE 13/07/2016 18:34


    Now that the summer is here, we would like you to share with us all your summer adventures. Doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of your neighbour's cat or of that sand castle you made with your cousins. We just want to live those moments with you (and feel that healthy envy). But here comes the best part! In exchange for your pictures we will be giving away some amazing awards for the ...

  • RAGNARÖK ONLINE 03/05/2016 11:34

    New Max Levels and New Skills!

    You have already reached the level 150 and the peak of your skills? It's time to go beyond. The Base level of all Third Class characters has been increased to 175. Their Job level has also been increased to 60. Discover for your character 2 new skills that can be learned at any level: - The skill Full Throttle which can be learned by any Third Class character. - One exclusive skill for ...